Clickety-Click: Watch those cameras go!

You know the drill.

Every year, families race to complete costumes, learn lines and get the time off work to see children in the Christmas play.

Without doubt, tickets are at a premium and not everyone can get to the play. Disappointment is bound to occur for the parent/grandparent/aunt/uncle who can’t make the big event.

The solution seems simple. In this day in age the existence of smart phones should make it really easy for the absent family member to enjoy the play in real time (via FaceTime/Facebook live etc), after the event (via video) or through photographs.

Parents only want to take picture of their children. What’s the problem?

Whether it’s a play, a christmas party or other event the issue still remains. Should you allow parents to record the event or take pictures?

It’s tough. But not that tough.

What do you do the rest of the year? What does your policy say on photographs in general?

Christmas doesn’t change how you deal with this issue.

Remember, you have a duty of care to all the children in this situation. Some of these children may be adopted, maybe they have relocated due to domestic abuse. Perhaps parents do not wish to have their children photographed by every parent in the room. Whatever the reason you need to be clear on the rules.

Make life easy for yourself. Make sure you tell parents the rules in advance. Remind them of your policy on photographs and videos.

And if you don’t have a policy, put it on your New Year Resolution list!


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