Monthly Membership

Do you ever internet search for guidance or procedures?

Worry you’ve spent ages searching just to find it’s unreliable?

Do you worry about where your training will come from without you Local Safeguarding Children’s Board’?

Wishing someone else could take that stress away?

What you need is a simple solution that puts all your safeguarding training in one place, and makes it available anywhere, anytime. If you ever need help to find any guidance or documentation I am just one email away.  

In my experience people react to situations. That’s the nature of child protection many a time. However good your planning and preparation, a new piece of guidance can throw you off.

As child protection professionals, we’re headed into new territory. Over the coming 15 months LSCB’s will be replaced with Local Safeguarding Partnerships. The Safeguarding Academy will help you through this transition period and beyond.

Plus, with all schools becoming Academy’s by 2020, will your Local Authority still be willing and able to assist you if you have a safeguarding query or question?

Take the doubt and worry away. Make sure you  are prepared by joining the Safeguarding Academy.

For just £37 a month you’ll receive:

    • A new training video every month on a safeguarding topic – all the trainings are available to you as soon as you join, including all previous trainings. You’ll find it all in the online Academy. Plus, you’ll also receive trainings from experts on wider safeguarding issues to really develop you skills and build your confidence in areas you don’t come across frequently. 
    • Workbookto take your and your team’s learning deeper and a chance to apply it your own setting; and
    • Reflection Journal your CPD is now gained through reflection. You will always be able to show Ofsted and your professional body how you’ve developed your learning and understanding.
    • Live Q & A where I (or our monthly expert) answer your questions on the months’ topic

And you’ll receive this in addition to:

  • safe community space to share learning and ask your peers for support
  • monthly online gatherings with me and your fellow members to develop your understanding and skills
  • discounts on face to face training
  • weekly safeguarding updates

There is no sign up fee and no minimum term.

Plus, one of the major benefits of being part of the Academy is access to ongoing support. You can discuss any issues, confidentially, in our monthly calls or ask me via email. I aim to respond to all emails within a couple of hours.

Take some of the weight off your shoulders.

Don’t wait around any longer, come join the community


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