Safeguarding Association

Bringing Safeguarding Practitioners and Professionals within Child Protection together


Feel frustrated about the lack of good support when you have a problem?

 How much time would you save if someone else kept you & your team up to date?

Feel passionate about safeguarding and want to show it’s at the heart of your practice?


What do we do?

By sharing the latest resources and research, providing training, and offering a safe space to talk, the Safeguarding Association will help you and your team:

  • Stay up-to-date with the latest safeguarding & child protection guidance;
  • Meet governing body requirements regarding ongoing safeguarding & child protection training;
  • Access child protection materials whenever and wherever you need them;
  • Have those ‘what if’ conversations with trusted professionals during the weekly Safeguarding Sounding Board sessions;
  • Talk to your peers when you need them;
  • Show you go the extra mile to support and help children and young people you work with.

Why do we need it?

Child protection professionals are headed into new territory. As a child protection lawyer with over a decade of experience, I understand the challenges facing professionals across the sectors. Over the coming months LSCB’s will be replaced with Local Safeguarding Partnerships. The Safeguarding Association will help you through this transition period and beyond.

Occasionally, cases and situations will arise that you won’t have experienced before nor may they be fully understood by Social Services or other agencies. In those situations, you can access a national body of safeguarding and child protection practitioners which may lead to a child and family receiving appropriate support in a more timely manner. The weekly Safeguarding Sounding Boards are a place for you to ask questions, seek guidance or simply moral support.


How can we help you?

Demonstrate you put safeguarding and child protection right at the heart of everything you do by joining the Safeguarding Association and show your commitment to our Members’ Charter.

You’ll get access to experienced professionals to ask those vital ‘what if’ questions to give you peace of mind at the most trying of times during the weekly Safeguarding Sounding Board.

By displaying our logo and charter you can easily demonstrate your dedication to child protection. You will also have access to:

–       A growing body of online training –       Monthly interviews with trusted experts
–       Special member pricing for our conference –       Member only training days
–       Member prices for in-house training –       Weekly safeguarding updates
–       Weekly Safeguarding Sounding Boards –       Online forum to share your skills and ask questions


Members’ Charter

Members of the Safeguarding Association agree individually and collectively to abide by the following:

S – Safe:

to ensure that we work within our professional boundaries and capabilities leading to a safe, professional practice

A – Appreciation:

by working towards a common goal, we appreciate the synergy achieved through our different skills in different sectors

F – Failsafe:

by promoting and adopting a culture of vigilance, we are building safeguarding processes and practices into everyday practices

E – Embed:

we embed safeguarding best practice and the principles of this Charter as highest priority in our everyday activities

G – Governance:

we abide by the rules and regulations of our own governing body and work to promote the principles of this Charter with them

U – Up To Date:

we prioritise continuous learning and sharing as the best way to stay up to date with current legislation and practice

A – Accountability:

we are fully accountable and responsible for our actions

R – Rigorous:

we work together without fear or hesitation, to see the bigger picture outside of our immediate sphere of influence

D – Defenders:

we recognise our role as defenders and protectors of the rights of children and the vulnerable. Their needs are our paramount consideration.

I – Inclusive:

our community of Safeguarding professionals is inclusive in all aspects of our operation and collaboration

N – Non-negotiable:

our commitment to working as a collective for the betterment of safeguarding provision is not negotiable

G – Generous:

we are generous with our practice of sharing and accepting knowledge, skills and best practice with each other



How can I join?

Applications are now open for membership of The Safeguarding Association. Memberships are open to individuals and organisations. Organisations can add up to 15 members of their team to the membership so all of your team members have access to the same get the same benefits and support.

Click here to apply for membership


Annual Membership fees are:

  • Individual (e.g. sole practitioners /childminders/ independent experts) : £297.00
  • Organisations (1-5 team members) : £497.00
  • Organisation (6-15 team members) : £997.00
  • Charity membership (up to 5 team members) : £397:00

Contact Kate if you have any questions or queries


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