Safeguarding Summit

Welcome to the Safeguarding Summit.

Here you will find the programme of talks and more details about all the speakers.

What’s the plan? 

Every day there will be a live video at 6pm. It all happens inside the closed Facebook group.

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Monday –

Consent and PSHE – Ceri Stokes 

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Tuesday –

The reality of the Prevent Duty & British Values- A Practitioners Perspective.  – Sean Arbuthnot

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S47 Investigations and their place in court proceedings – Gavin Button

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Wednesday –

Thresholds – Ann Marie Christian

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Thursday –

Digital safeguarding, brain development and attachment in relation to parenting and practitioners – Catherine Knibbs

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Ofsted, Best practice and evidence – Rachel Buckler

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Your Speakers

Ceri Stokes

Ceri Stokes, Assistant Head ( Designated Safeguarding Lead).

Ceri has been a teacher for 20 years and in that time has had a variety of pastoral roles, including Residential Tutor and Assistant Housemistress in a day house. Currently she is a Boarding Housemistress and is the DSL. She quickly realised that being a DSL can be an isolating role and started blogging and tweeting to share positive and challenging topics.

Sean Arbuthnot

Sean Arbuthnot is a Prevent Coordinator for Leicestershire and the founder of SMA Prevent Training.
He enjoyed a 12 year police career in Northern Ireland and Northamptonshire and has worked in Prevent since 2013. As a Prevent Officer in the East Midlands he dealt with the strategic and practical implementation of the Prevent Duty and has extensive, first-hand experience of the dangers of extremism and radicalisation, and how to safeguard against them.
Sean specialises in Prevent Duty training for staff and students at all levels in local authorities, schools, colleges, NHS and police.
He has an MA (Dist) in Conflict Resolution and is a primary school governor.
Gavin Button 
Gavin is a former Solicitor-Advocate with almost 30 years of court experience. He specialises in family law, particularly regarding children. He has represented parties before the Magistrates, County and High Court, in the Court of Appeal, Employment Tribunal, Coroners Court, Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal and Schools Admission Appeals Panel.
He previously qualified as a member of the Law Society Family Panel and Children Panel, and has dealt with cases involving non-accidental injuries (including subdural and retinal haemorrhages; skull fractures; scalding and biting injuries), sexual abuse, international child abduction and forced marriage. He has represented ‘Gillick’ competent children and Children’s Guardians in care and private law proceedings including appointments under S. 16(4).  He is noted for identifying issues from substantial and complex material, and is able to narrow issues constructively.
Ann Marie Christian
Ann Marie is an independent safeguarding consultant. A qualified social worker of 20 years she’s passionate about keeping children safe. She’s an author and writes regular articles for various educational journals. Her management and frontline practitioner experience gives us a great insight into real practice. Ann Marie has various roles working with the local authorities including a LADO, LSCB trainer, social work manager, LSCB panel member, Safeguarding advisor and school improvement advisor. She currently works with local authorities, Inspectorate bodies, academy trusts, child protection charities, schools, faith groups, FE colleges and early years in strengthening safeguarding with training and consultancy. She is passionate about child protection thresholds and the voice of the child.
Catherine Knibbs 
Catherine is an Author, Researcher and Child/Adult Trauma Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor and Cybertrauma Researcher
She has just completed a Double MSc in Child and Adult Integrative Psychotherapy at Newman University. She has a BSc (Hons.) in Psychology and PG Dip in Psychotherapy. She is accredited and registered with BACP and UKCP. She is CEO and Director of PEER Support Yorkshire CIC and is the only Cyber-trauma researcher, consultant and public speaker in the United Kingdom.  Catherine regularly writes and presents on this topic to counsellors, professionals and parents. Cyber-trauma is a theoretical integration of child psychotherapy, psychobiology and neuroscience that takes account of the myriad of interactions with cyberspace and the traumas that can result with and from this medium.  Catherine has interests in the phenomena of cyber related compassion as an antithesis to cybertrauma such as the phenomena of cyberbullying. Perhaps theres an app for that and it exists in the real world rather than the corporeal? Catherine believes that children have the answer for this through education and technology.
Rachel Buckler  
Rachel is managing director of Early Years Hub a training and consultancy company and also Early Years Record, an on-line tool that measures progress towards compliance with the Early Years Foundation Stage and Ofsted readiness. Rachel has extensive experience of working within children’s services, social care, education and early years. She is an experienced practitioner, trainer and consultant having worked with the early years sector for over 25 years. She has developed, led and managed a variety of early years provisions, including a Sure Start Local Programme and numerous Children’s Centres. Rachel has held the role of designated lead for safeguarding as service manager for Early Intervention and Prevention services in a Local Authority. She has supported, managed and contributed to the process of Ofsted inspection in nurseries, children’s centres and social care. She has also worked as a freelance early years inspector.