A toxic trio for students

The ‘toxic trio’ is a combination of domestic abuse, mental ill health and substance misuse within a family. Each of these problems on their own is difficult and can have a severe impact on family life, particularly for children growing up and for other adults around them.

The combination of domestic abuse, mental ill health and substance misuse makes the situation even harder and hence the term ‘toxic trio’.

Ultimately, where this toxic trio exists, and where it impacts upon the families, the agencies involved with the families need to work together.

The toxic trio can exist in any family & in any place. It can exist in any relationship too.

Consider where students reside away from home. They may find themselves in abusivevrelationships, struggle with their mental health due to stress from that relationship and their studies. Add to that mix, peer pressure to try illicit substances & you have a perfect storm of the toxic trio.

Where this trio exists, none of the elements can be tackled independently. Do you have the right support and structures in place to assist students who find themselves in this toxic position?

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