Prevent Duty and Radicalisation for Higher Education

The Prevent Duty came into force on the 18 September 2015.

It’s premise is to protect children and young people from harm through radicalisation. Radicalisation can happen to anyone from any background. We tend to think of radicalisation in respect of the Islamic faith. However, it has a much wider scope than that. As such, those at risk are as diverse as the ideologies which can radicalise them.

Universities have a duty of care to their students. They also have a legal obligation when it comes to the PREVENT duty. By law, universities are to have due regard to the need to prevent individuals from being drawn into terrorism as per Part 5 of the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015.

Using training specifically developed for the higher education sector, the Safeguarding Academy’s Prevent and Radicalisation training is a must for your University. The training has been developed from the materials commissioned by the LFHE and RHEBs.


What does it cover? 

An introduction to Prevent and how it affects HE

The legal framework and other supporting legislation

How Prevent impacts pastoral care and student support
The full day will include:
Implications for senior leaders; &
Risk management
How long is the course? 

Either a full day or half day


Is it online or face to face?  

The training is face to face. I find this is the best way to help professionals understand the duty and the implications.


How will you manage challenges from staff? 

I understand that this duty is a contentious one. Universities have long been the bastions of free speech and a place for students to explore a range of issues. With that comes the natural challenge to this duty.

This is the reason face to face training is so important. Views can be challenged and barriers can be broken down. The training is about understanding and protection, and an  appreciation of legal obligations.

The course is a mixture of presentation, group activity and case study consideration. Using these tools obstacles can be overcome.


Who should attend?

Any staff who need to be aware of the Prevent Duty. The full day course includes modules specific to senior managers and leadership. These modules can be run separately if required.


How do I book?

Call Kate on 01482 426412 or 07502907157